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Resume Advice For Success

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Quality resume advice can often times be worth it’s weight in gold.  Applying for a job these days can be very tedious.  There is a lot of research that should be done, both in terms of the position you are applying for and in researching the company you are applying with.  When you get right down to it, however, one of the most difficult things to do when applying for a job is actually composing your resume.
Many people think that resume writing is all about writing all your qualifications down and formatting the document in a way that is pleasing to the eye.  This thought process, however, is not actually true.  Resume writing requires more than just jotting down all your skills and achievements on a piece of paper.  You have to know how to edit and match your resume’s contents with the job and company that you are applying for.  In order to write the perfect resume, you will need to take to heart some basic resume advice.

A resume is the hiring company’s first glimpse into an applicant’s qualifications and skills.  With that in mind, you have to make sure that you can leave an impression through your resume.  Just as the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Well, your resume is going to be your first impression, be sure to make a good one or you may not get a chance to make a second impression!
One important piece of resume advice is that resumes aren’t required to be long.  In fact, you should strive to keep your resume short, one page if possible.
Have you ever tried reading an article written with long and winding sentences?  Did you retain much (or any) of the information after finishing the article?  Did you even finish the article?
Like you, screeners don’t like to go through a long resume.  Screeners who encounter a long resume most likely just skim through the document.  With shorter, more comprehensive resumes though, screeners get to read everything in more detail, and job screeners like that better.  Something you want to do is to please the job screeners. After all, they are the first hurdle you must overcome when working to get a job.

Another piece of good resume advice is to invest in your skills development.  This has nothing to do with resume editing.  Rather, this has to do with what you can add to your resume. To make sure you have enough in your resume to qualify for a job, you should ensure that you have all the required skills.  Invest in seminars that can make you more qualified for a particular job and add these to your resume.  Take specific classes to become proficient at particular skills.

For example, you may want to take workshops on various programs like power point, excel, access, etc.  Computer skills are in demand, and most jobs want highly skilled individuals.  Having a range of skills can be the factor that dictates whether you get a callback on your resume or not.

Good luck and happy job hunting, please check back in as we discuss more resume advice in the future!

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